Brexit and the UK travel industry

ABTA is working hard with the UK government, and across Europe, to secure the best possible outcome for the UK travel industry and the travelling public as the UK departs the European Union. 

Ahead of the Referendum, and since, we have consulted regularly with Members to ensure we understand, and are speaking about, the policy issues that matter to travel businesses and their customers. 

ABTA has five priorities for the UK’s departure from the EU:

  1. Retaining liberal access to transportation markets, especially aviation;
  2. Avoiding unnecessary barriers to travel, including the possibility of overly burdensome visa regimes;
  3. Ensuring businesses access to flexible employment arrangements, including the ability to post support staff in Europe for short periods;
  4. Maintaining important consumer rights that sustain consumer confidence;
  5. Seeking to maximise opportunities for travel as we leave the EU, including a review of double APD on domestic flights.

We have published a number of reports to assist our lobbying in this area, available below.