Travelling Together – The value of UK outbound tourism

Travelling Together - The value of UK outbound tourism cover
Travelling Together – The value of UK outbound tourism

As the UK and EU prepare to negotiate for a future trading agreement, and to put in place transitional arrangements, ABTA is publishing research to demonstrate the importance of UK travellers to the economies of all EU countries. The report also reflects on the importance of the industry to the UK.

We have looked at every area touched by travel and tourism, from macro-economic impacts on national economies and employment levels, through to the number of businesses which are supported across the continent. The research demonstrates the huge appetite for overseas travel across the EU, and quantifies how UK outbound tourism, in particular, has positively impacted lives, stimulating economic growth, providing jobs and supporting businesses.

There are a myriad of drivers for travel between the UK and the EU, and we examine the economic knock-on effect of all travel within this report: leisure and holidays, business travel and visiting friends and relatives. We also take a closer look at the economic value of the British summer holiday, with specific reference to the countries we have called the “Sunshine Seven”: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

The message of this report, and ABTA’s message to policymakers in Westminster, Brussels and the national capitals across the EU, is clear: we must strive to preserve the benefits of travel, both economic and also cultural – for the latter are harder to quantify, but equally valuable.

We must find a long-term solution that works for all, and enables all of our citizens to continue to travel with confidence.