11 Apr

Trusted and timely advice to help consumers travel with confidence

Having reliable information on how to prepare for a holiday can help consumers feel more confident to travel, which is why it is an important part of our offering to both customers and members.

This week we published a new online advice page, about what people need to do to prepare for airport security when travelling this year.

It follows the news that the government has offered some airports more time to implement the new security scanners which will change hand baggage rules and security checks.  

Given that there won’t be a consistent approach to hand luggage security rules across UK airports this year, there is the potential for confusion. We’re advising consumers that they can’t go wrong if they follow the existing rules. We’re also reminding them that they can check with their departure and return airports ahead of their trip. Our new advice page can be found here, and we’ll be sharing it with traditional media and across social media.

Ahead of the government’s airport scanner announcement, another topic hitting the headlines has been passport validity when travelling to the EU.

Since the UK left the EU, we have been explaining to holidaymakers and business travellers the changes of which they need to be aware. We were out in the media and sharing our messaging across social when passport validity came up again recently. What people need to do is explained in our simple passport and visa web page, and we have assets members can share on social media.

Other post-Brexit changes consumers will need to understand are the introductions of the EU’s Entry/Exit System (EES) and Electronic Travel Information Authorisation System (ETIAS), due in Autumn 2024 and mid-2025 respectively.

We are currently developing some information to share with members and consumers. We were in Brussels this week meeting in person with the EU officials responsible for delivering these changes to get the latest developments. Look out for updates on our new EES and ETIAS content. 

When we ask consumers what they associate with ABTA and its members, over 80% say ‘reassurance’, ‘reliable’ and ‘expertise’ – this is what we are offering when we provide timely and sensible advice to help people travel with confidence.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive