14 Nov

Travel Trends: One day, dozens of actionable insights

If you Google ‘travel trends’ you’ll find no shortage of online material – reports, web pages, written insights.

But if you Google ‘travel trends’ and ‘event’ – top of the searches, and just about the only option on page 1, is ABTA’s annual Travel Trends event.

To me, that’s a great testament not just to well-performing SEO (!) but to the event itself. It’s the foremost gathering of travel industry professionals, researchers, marketers and others who see real value in not just hearing about the very latest trends for travel, but doing so in an environment where they can discuss them, ask questions, meet industry experts and network with peers.

Having hosted Travel Trends for the past couple of years, for 2023 I pass the baton to my colleague Emma Brennan, while I take on the challenge of showcasing the latest trends which ABTA is seeing in the first session of the day. As ever, we’ll reveal what we’re seeing in the market, backed by new data and giving what should be some great takeaways for delegates.

I’m particularly excited by this year’s speaker line-up who’ll be following me after my opener; MDs, CEOs, chief marketing officers, and senior strategists are just some of those who’ll be sharing their expertise. It’s the kind of line-up which you simply don’t see elsewhere.

There’s an old (and slightly hackneyed) expression: Fail to plan, plan to fail.  It all sounds a little like something you’d hear on 1980s Wall St, but there’s a lot of truth in it.  As travel professionals, we need to plan ahead if our businesses are to succeed – and it’s much easier to do so if we have a thorough grounding in the latest trends for customers, destinations and digital. We can then plan on the basis of knowledge, evidence and experience.

One day but dozens of actionable insights. I look forward to seeing you there.

Graeme Buck, Director of Communications, ABTA

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