11 Jun

ABTA/FTO Updates Flu Advice

ABTA has updated a letter for Members to distribute to suppliers and customer noticeboards to reflect the changes to the Pandemic Flu alert level so that suppliers and customers are fully informed of the relevant facts.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has raised its pandemic threat alert Phase to Level 6.

ABTA is advising Members that they should consider proactively issuing a copy of the supplier letter to their overseas suppliers and by either displaying the customer information on notice boards / information books or issuing the information to customers directly in order to ensure that everyone is aware of situation and the precautionary measures that they should take as a result of the Pandemic.

ABTA is currently unaware of any travel restrictions at this time, but travellers and ABTA Members should monitor travel advice for their relevant countries at www.fco.gov.uk.

ABTA Members can find the letters together with frequently asked questions on influenza A (H1N1) on the ABTA website www.abta.com.