#ReadySteadyTravel: Marketing toolkit

ABTA’s social media has been brilliant during the pandemic, putting a good spin on things and giving advice around testing and Brexit that we could share while we were drowning in paperwork.

Helen Parry, ABTA’s Council of Regions Chair for Yorkshire


ABTA's hub of essential information and advice aims to help holidaymakers get ready for travel at abta.com/readysteadytravel. The #ReadySteadyTravel hub provides holidaymakers with the support and guidance they need to book and travel with confidence. ABTA will be promoting the campaign and the new advice pages on its social media channels.

See the dropdown menus below to download assets for each of the following pages.

Travelling during a pandemic hub www.abta.com/readysteadytravel 
Get ready for travel: your essential guide www.abta.com/getreadyfortravel
COVID-19: Your holiday questions answered www.abta.com/covid19faq
Travel requirements to check before travelling abroad www.abta.com/govrequirementsfortravel
Top tips for booking with confidence this year www.abta.com/bookwithconfidencetips
Top benefits of booking a package holiday www.abta.com/packageholidaybenefits

We have written an advice blog too for ABTA Members to share with your customers:

Within this #ReadySteadyTravel marketing toolkit, we have created suggested social media posts and assets to help Members share the above advice and web pages with your customers. 

Share all ABTA's advice with our campaign hashtag #ReadySteadyTravel and tag ABTA (see links below) and we will share your social media posts.
We also advise Members to ensure you’re following ABTA’s consumer social media channels so you can easily share, like or engage with the content.

Find ABTA on social media here:

Facebook - @ABTAlovetravel 

Twitter - @ABTAtravel

Instagram - @ABTAlovetravel 

Social media and marketing content

Get ready for travel checklist

Help your customers prepare for going abroad by sharing this handy checklist with them on social media.

Here are some suggested posts to share with the social media asset.

*Summer holiday loading….* ?️??
While you wait, visit ABTA’s holiday checklist for advice, including tips on checking foreign #traveladvice, how to check and renew your passport and getting your covid docs in order:



#ABTAhotlist - destinations for a hot summer break

For summer 2022, ABTA shared top destinations for a hot sunny beach break. ABTA Members are welcome to download and share the social media assets on their own channels.

Content for August


It’s the #ABTAHotlist… back again for August! Our top suggestions for some sun, sea and sand this month are: 
Cote D’Azur, France 
Ibiza, Spain 
Paphos, Cyprus 
Bali, Indonesia  


It’s the #ABTAHotlist… back again for August! 
Our top suggestions for some sun, sea and sand this month are: 
Cote D’Azur, France 
Ibiza, Spain  
Paphos, Cyprus 
Bali, Indonesia  
Get to the Cote D’Azur in just over 2 hours for a cheeky weekend away or plan the ultimate travel adventure by jetting off to Bali in Indonesia. Either way, expect highs of 27-31 across the board! 

Download the video


Content for July


In search of sunshine and beaches this July? Here's the #ABTAhotlist which includes destinations with much more reliable and hotter weather forecasts than the UK. Where would you choose?

Facebook and Instagram

In search of sunshine and beaches this July? The #ABTAhotlist has picked four destinations with much more reliable and hotter weather forecasts than the UK. They are:
- Sardinia, Italy 
?️Average highs: 29oC
☀️Daily sunshine hours: 12
✈️Flight time from UK: 2h30m

- Alicante, Spain
?️Average highs: 30oC
☀️Daily sunshine hours: 11
✈️Flight time from UK: 2h30m

- Split, Croatia
?️Average highs: 30oC
☀️Daily sunshine hours: 13
✈️Flight time from UK: 2h30m

- Miami, Florida
?️Average highs: 31oC
☀️Daily sunshine hours: 12
✈️Flight time from UK: 8h30m



Download the video


Content for June

In search of sun, sand and sea this June? These destinations are set to be hot this month…
?️ Majorca, Balearic Islands
☀️ Algarve, Portugal
? Crete, Greece
? Playa del Carmen, Mexico

#ABTAhotlist #HelloHolidays

Speak to us! We are an ABTA Member and we can book your sunny getaway.

Twitter poll:
Which of these hot destinations for June would you most like to go to? #ABTAhotlist #HelloHolidays
-    Majorca, Balearic Islands 
-    Algarve, Portugal
-    Crete, Greece
-    Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Content for May


The #ABTAhotlist for May ☀️?

In search of sunshine and beaches this May? Here are four top destinations with much more reliable and hotter weather forecasts than the UK. 

Which one would you pick? 


Facebook and Instagram

In search of sunshine and beaches this May?  ☀️?
Our #ABTAhotlist suggests four top destinations that have much more reliable and hotter weather forecasts than the UK.  
All the options here range in temperatures from the mid-20s to the mid-30s and have daily sunshine from nearly 10 hours to 13 hours per day. 
Comment below which destination you would pick. 

Download the videos

Travelling during coronavirus hub of information and advice

See: www.abta.com/readysteadytravel 

ABTA’s ‘Travelling during Coronavirus’ hub has lots of useful information to help your customers prepare for going away. ABTA has designed an asset and drafted a suggested social media post for Members to direct people to the hub. Members can also link to the hub from other digital marketing channels such as website and email newsletters too.

Download the social media assets
Social media post
.@ABTAtravel’s advice hub ‘Travelling during Coronavirus’  will help customers get ready for their long-awaited overseas holidays. Check the information at: abta.com/ReadySteadyTravel #ReadySteadyTravel


How do I show proof of vaccination or get a COVID-19 test for my holiday?

We have written an advice blog to help your customers understand what they need to do before they travel abroad.

Feel free to share this social media post and asset to your channels.



Social media post:

If you’re travelling abroad, check the FCDO travel advice for your destination to find out which Covid documents you need e.g. proof of vaccination, a negative test or proof of recovery. ABTA's page explains how to get your docs in order: www.abta.com/covidtraveldocs


Social media post:

Looking ahead to your next trip overseas? ABTA has shared guidance on how to get your COVID-19 documents in order. Visit: www.abta.com/covidtraveldocs

Getting to and through the airport - advice for getting ready for travelling abroad

Remember⚠️ If you’re heading abroad, make sure you’ve planned your journey to your departure terminal in advance and leave extra time for traffic, planned road closures or engineering works. Check your airport/transport provider's social media ahead of time. Visit abta.com/readysteadytravel 

Just in case ?! Make sure you plan your trip to the airport to avoid delays. Check Road traffic/works ? Train works which could divert you ? And leave yourself extra time! ⌛ Find more travel planning tips at http://ow.ly/1e3P50IEWSQ  #ReadySteadyTravel 

Remember⚠️ If you’re going through airport security, any liquids in your hand luggage must be 100ml or less and fit inside one 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. Put this bag and other loose items from your pockets in the security tray next to your hand luggage. http://ow.ly/y8eL50ICIsF

Remember⚠️ If you're travelling with hand sanitizer through airport security, it must be 100ml or less and fit inside one 20cm x 20cm plastic bag alongside your other 100ml liquids. Put this bag in the security tray next to your other loose items. http://ow.ly/TvL650IJVzq

Just in case! ? Take a face-covering with you for when you're travelling abroad. Whilst it isn’t mandatory to wear a face-covering in the UK some destinations may still require you to do so in public spaces and your airline may ask you to wear one on your return flight home.

Get ready for travel: your essential guide

See: www.abta.com/getreadyfortravel

Get ready for travel: your essential guide provides holidaymakers with a vital checklist of things to do before they go away as well as highlighting how travelling abroad during the pandemic may be different than it was before. 

ABTA has created an infographic to quickly explain to customers what they need to be aware of before travelling abroad and what they need to plan for.

Download the infographic in different sizes here

ABTA Members can also use the following assets and posts below:

Download the social media assets

Social media post:
Getting ready to travel?
Check out ABTA's essential guide on how to get ready to travel abroad. It offers top tips on how to prepare before you go. Visit: www.abta.com/getreadyfortravel #ReadySteadyTravel

Cruise and other destination inspiration videos

Members are welcome to download and use the suggested social media posts and videos to promote popular destinations on your social media channels.

Cruise travel

Suggested post copy

  1. Who would you like to cruise the world with?  [emoji: globe, cruise, two hearts]  #ReadySteadyTravel
  2. Wake up to a new destination every day…book a cruise holiday #ReadySteadyTravel
  3. What do you love most about going on an ocean cruise? #ReadySteadyTravel

    Multiple destinations  

    Delicious food &drink  

    Onboard entertainment  

    Relaxing by the pool


Share with these cruise videos.


Play holiday roulette to choose your next holiday

We've created a video to help your customers choose where they go next - just a bit of fun!

Share with these suggested posts:

Twitter and Facebook post:

Looking for sunshine overseas? Press the stop button on our video to help you decide where to go on holiday next! Chat to us, we're ABTA Members and experts on #travel. Check the Foreign Office travel advice to make sure you can meet your destination’s entry requirements before you go. [insert travel emojis] #ReadySteadyTravel

Instagram post:

Screenshot your next winter destination and escape the British weather. Where are you going? [insert travel emojis] #ReadySteadyTravel

Download the video here



Our top travel tips on #Portugal from an in-house expert: 
[yummy face emoji] Eat pastel de nata in Belem  
[surf emoji] Surf the waves in Ericeira 
[boat emoiji] Take a river cruise along the Douro 
[hiking boot emoji] Walk the trails in Geres 

Chat to an ABTA Member for expertise on booking a holiday. 


Download the video here

The Balearic Islands


Which Balearic Island will you pick? 

  • Mallorca 
  • Menorca 
  • Ibiza 
  • Formentera 

For advice on preparing for travel including government requirements and booking tips, visit: abta.com/readysteadytravel 



Spain’s Balearic Islands have been our favourite overseas holiday destination for decades with great beaches, towns, nightlife and food with sun and good temperatures, all at good prices. The islands are on the #greenlist so check our #ReadySteadyTravel hub for advice on travel. Visit: abta.com/readysteadytravel 

Download the video here


Greek Islands

Take a break on a holiday to Greece. The beautiful Islands of Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos, Crete and Corfu are welcoming Brits back – check ABTA’s #ReadySteadyTravel information hub for advice on travel this summer.

Download the video here




With 6,000 years of history and some of the best diving in the world, Malta is a great destination to soak up some culture as well as in its blue waters.
Download the video here

Winter holidays

To inspire holidaymakers to book and travel on a winter holiday, ABTA Members can download and use the following content.

Here is six week plan for content:

  • w/c October - Canary Islands
  • w/c October - Turkey
  • w/c November - winter sports
  • w/c November - Florida
  • w/c November - Dubai
  • w/c November - Caribbean

Share the following content using #ReadySteadyTravel.


Canary Islands

Share with our Canary Islands video:

Or retweet us or share our Instagram Reel 

Post 1
Think you’ve done the Canary Islands? Then you must go back! Here are some places and facts only the travel experts can tell you about. #ReadySteadyTravel  

Post 3
A flight time of just over four hours will take you to the beautiful Canary Islands whose warm and sunny climate offers the ideal escape throughout the dark, cold months of winter. There are seven islands in total but the main attractions for UK holidaymakers are the larger islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife Fuerteventura and La Gomera. Speak to us, we're ABTA Members. #ReadySteadyTravel #BookWithConfidence 



Share our video promoting Turkey:

Post 1
Turkey always represents very good value for money, this is even more the case this year as the pound is very strong against the Turkish lira, so if you’re looking for break, head to Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum and Izmir where you could get more for your money. #ReadySteadyTravel

Winter sports

Share our video promoting Winter sports destinations:

Post 1
Skiing holidays are magical: the view of white landscapes from the chairlift, the mid-morning hot chocolates and the cosy evenings by a fireplace… Speak us we're an ABTA Member and can give you specialist advice. #ReadySteadyTravel
Share with video



Share our video promoting Florida:


Post 1
The wealth of theme parks and attractions make Florida a must visit destination for families and a trip to @WaltDisneyWorld, @UniversalORL or the @NASAKennedy is a magical experience for children of all ages. Have you ever been to any of these attractions?



Share our video promoting Dubai:


Post 1 – with video
Dubai - a city of superlatives, a buzzing metropolis home to some of the world’s tallest, highest and most impressive sights – and with a seemingly endless array of bars and restaurants in every quarter – there’s always something new to discover and ideal for a winter escape. #ReadySteadyTravel


The Caribbean

Share our video promoting the Caribbean 


COVID-19: Your holiday questions answered

See: www.abta.com/covid19faq

As the pandemic continues to affect how and where we travel, the following Q&A will help answer any questions you have about future travel plans or a cancelled booking.

ABTA Members can share the FAQ page with the below suggested social media post:

Social media post:

As the pandemic continues to affect how and where we travel, we know that holidaymakers will have a range of questions about their forthcoming holidays and/or cancelled bookings. Check our FAQ for advice here abta.com/covid19faq #ReadySteadyTravel

Download the social media assets here

Booking with confidence tips

See: www.abta.com/bookwithconfidencetips

Some of your customers may need advice on how to book with confidence this year, so we encourage Members to share our latest blog and share our social media assets.

Download the social media assets


The benefits of booking a package holiday

See: www.abta.com/packageholidaybenefits

Our research suggests that people are more likely to book a package holiday now than before the pandemic, so you may be getting new enquiries from customers who are unfamiliar with the many great benefits of booking a package holiday. With this in mind, ABTA has developed a webpage and video to explain all the benefits of booking a package holiday. Below is the video and suggested social media posts.  

Planning a honeymoon, beach break, round-the-world trip, or a family villa holiday? When you book a package holiday, we do all the leg work for you and provide you with the expertise you need. Watch this short video on the benefits of booking a package holiday and read more at abta.com/packageholidaybenefits #ReadySteadyTravel

Package holidays are one of the most popular ways to book a holiday as they offer holidaymakers a number of benefits, highlighted in the video below – have a watch! Enquire with us today and we can advise on the best package for you. #ReadySteadyTravel https://youtu.be/yIadgfcpLpE 

Watch and share the video here: https://youtu.be/yIadgfcpLpE 

#ReadySteadyTravel - campaign logos and email signatures

Members are welcome to use the #ReadySteadyTravel campaign logo on your marketing assets and digital channels.

Download the assets here

You can also download a version to use in your email signature – don't forget to embed a link to www.abta.com/readysteadytravel 

Download email signature