Swim safe

Important calendar dates

Drowning Prevention Week (17-24 June) (RLSS): Resources available on the website: Royal Life Saving Society UK's Drowning Prevention Week (rlss.org.uk)
World Downing Prevention Day (25 July ) (ROSPA): Download resources here: www.who.int/campaigns/world-drowning-prevention-day/2023

We've come up with wording for three social media posts that you can use across your social media channels:

Post idea 1:

With drowning prevention week around the corner here are 10 essential tips to stay #WaterWise?‍♂️?

  1. Refresh your swimming skills before your trip.
  2. Supervise children around water at all times.
  3. Follow pool rules and warning signs.
  4. Know emergency contacts in the country you are visiting. 
  5. Avoid swimming at night, after meals, or under the influence.
  6. Check beach flags and respect safety signage.
  7. Watch out for underwater hazards and reefs.
  8. Get advice on safe beaches and currents.
  9. Educate children about water safety.
  10. Stay vigilant throughout your holiday.

#SwimSafe and find more advice at www.abta.com/swimsafe ?️? #WaterSafety

Post idea 2:

Follow the @RLSSUK’s Water Safety Code

The Royal Life Saving Society UK has a Water Safety Code that provides simple and easy to remember information to help people stay safe while having fun in, on or around water. Visit www.rlss.org.uk/safety-on-holiday for more information.

Post idea 3: 

Planning a summer family getaway? Before hitting the water, chat with your kids about water safety. Let's make sure our holiday is #WaterWise! ?? 
Visit www.abta.com/swimsafe for more #SwimSafe advice. 

#FamilyGetaway #WaterSafety #HolidayFun 

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