Partner Insights guidance

ABTA Partners may provide free Partner Insight articles to help Members navigate the current landscape and challenges in the travel industry.

Before you go ahead and dedicate the resource, please email with a title and bullet points of what you wish to cover. We can then guide whether this is the type of article we can share.

Some examples of the types of content ABTA will share:

  • Guidance for ABTA Members on challenging and timely topics, e.g. new regulation updates such as employment law and package travel regulation updates.

  • Thought provoking content and forward-looking pieces in your specialist area. Please note that if this includes promoting a service/product your company provides, it should contain a balanced view assessing the whole market.

  • Industry insights, e.g. summarising key travel trends or consumer sentiment.

All articles will be reviewed by a relevant ABTA department and may be subject to changes before publication.

Articles are hosted on ABTA’s website under the Industry Zone area.

Editorial approach

Our Members range from major corporations to SMEs, active in organising consumer and business travel. They constitute around 4,000 consumer brands, with a pre-covid workforce of around 80,000 employees with a further 16,000 self-employed independent travel agents.

Partner Insight articles is an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership in the industry, to help Members run their businesses more effectively.

  • The articles must be bespoke, topical, timely and offer support to ABTA’s travel audience. They must not contain self-promotion of your product/service or offers.

  • A minimum of 600 words but no more than 1,500 words. Use paragraphs and bullet points to make your articles easy to read.

  • A separate introductory paragraph telling readers what they should expect from the article is required. This should be between 50 and 150 words and will be used for promoting the article.

Good to know

  • ABTA cannot share reports or other content types. However, you are welcome to pull out key findings and summarise them for the benefit of ABTA Members.

  • Avoid using jargon as this can alienate readers. There will be some industry terms that are unavoidable but there will be others where alternatives can be found.

  • Spell out acronyms the first time you use it in the text – travel probably has more acronyms than any industry and not everyone will be familiar with them all. You should write any acronyms out in full the first time it is used and indicate in brackets how it will be used thereafter for example, Air Passenger Duty (APD).

  • You may include a discreet link at the bottom of the article for further reading.

Promotion through ABTA

We raise awareness of the articles by promoting them the via ABTA’s social channels. Please provide your brand’s Social Media profiles/ handles (@) that you would like to be tagged in.

We may also feature articles in our weekly newsletter, ABTA Today (subject to ABTA’s editorial control).

Articles will remain on the website for a maximum period of 12 months or until the content is outdated, whichever is sooner.