Sustainability in the travel industry

Working to ensure a sustainable future for our holidays

Holidays are now seen by many as an essential part of life. Amongst other things they provide the chance to spend time with loved ones, experience new things, recharge your batteries and take time out from the pace of daily life. The memories of holidays often last a lifetime.

At ABTA we believe that holidays are special and we’re working with our members to help keep holidays special for years to come. ABTA and its members recognise that holidays can have positive effects on both people and the environment that go far beyond the personal enjoyment factor that we take from our time away. We believe that through adopting a sustainable approach to our industry, we can help minimise any potential for negative effects and maximise the positive impacts that tourism has.

What is sustainable tourism?

Put simply it’s about creating Better Places to live and visit.

Nowadays, there's so much information about sustainability it can be hard to make sense of it all. Rather than add to the confusion, we wanted to talk about sustainable tourism and what it means in plain English. That’s why we’ve coined the concept Better Places. Sustainable tourism doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s simply about tourism that helps to create Better Places to live and visit.

To do this, it means tourism should:

  • Minimise its impacts on the environment
  • Ensure that local communities benefit from tourism
  • Ensure local economies are enhanced through tourism
  • Respect local culture and traditions.

Our approach

Leading the UK travel and tourism sector to achieve Better Places, Better Holidays and Better Business.

ABTA works to help create Better Places across three main areas.

  1. Initiatives with ABTA members.
  2. Partnerships with destination governments.
  3. Solutions for global tourism.

Helping our Members to put sustainability at the heart of your holidays

Sustainability is something that we believe is relevant to all travel businesses, whether this means cutting waste and energy consumption, developing a sustainability strategy, or looking at hotel and excursion impacts in destinations. Ultimately we believe that by adopting sustainable practices, our Members can help create Better Places for their customers to visit.

We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving this. The ABTA membership is diverse and we work by gathering together like-minded Members who agree common programmes of work to help achieve the Better Places vision.

Our Better Places Programme is a step-by-step practical guide that can help all our Members develop a sustainability approach that’s right for their business.

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Partnerships and solutions

Partnerships with destination governments

ABTA is the first point of call for many destination governments when it comes to UK tourism interests in these countries.  Over the years ABTA has built strong relationships with governments, both in the UK and overseas. ABTA uses its voice to encourage them to ensure tourism contributes to protecting or enhancing local environments, creates opportunities for local communities and helps develop national economies.

ABTA recognises that in doing this, the tourist experience can be enhanced and Better Holidays can be enjoyed.

Solutions for global tourism

Outside of travel agents, tour operators and hotels, the tourism industry is made up of a huge number of different businesses that all play a part in helping to make holidays happen. All of these businesses have a role to play in helping to create Better Places to live and visit.

As such, we have developed a range of initiatives and tools designed to help these businesses and ABTA Members to start their journey to Better Places today.

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