Save Future Travel campaign

The industry needs Government to work with us to take the steps needed to put travel on a firmer footing through the winter and into the summer season. The Save Future Travel campaign urges the Government to:

  • Provide tailored financial support for travel businesses, including renewed grant support for SMEs and those who were excluded from previous support measures, as well as salary support which is flexible enough to allow staff to process refunds whilst in receipt of support. This would reflect the unique restrictions on travel which have seriously affected the ability of businesses to trade.
  • Fully regionalise the UK’s quarantine policy and approach to FCDO Foreign Travel Advice. This would mirror the approach already adopted domestically and in other countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, allowing a more targeted assessment of risk and the eventual reopening of important trading routes with partners such as the US. 
  • Work with the devolved nations to make sure testing regimes are in place across the whole of the UK without delay and lead international coordination of testing with the final aim of removing quarantine.

How to write to your MP or devolved representative

You can write to your MP to ask that they support Save Future Travel by using the relevant template, below. Not sure who your MP is? – find out here.

Please also consider inviting the MP to visit your business, if you feel confident to do so, as it’s important that your MP hears your story. There is no better way to do that than face to face.

MP Template Travel Agent


MP Template Tour Operator


Write to your MLA, MSP or MS

You can also use the following templates to ask your devolved representative to support the Save Future Travel campaign. 

MLA template


MSP template


MS template


Not sure who your local representative (MSP, MLA or MS) is? Check your postcode on 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with ABTA’s Public Affairs team.

How travel agents have been affected by COVID – infographic for ABTA Members 

If you are a travel agent writing to your MP, we have made available an infographic which explains the booking cycle for a travel agent which should help to demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 on your business. 

The infographic is available to download below in various sizes for all social media platforms.

Download zip file



Business Grants

Various grant funding schemes have been made available across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in response to the restrictions placed on businesses by COVID-19 health regulations. 

Local restrictions grant funding – businesses legally required to close

Following representations made by ABTA to the UK Government and devolved administrations, the Local Government Association and English Local Authorities, we have received confirmation that retail travel agents are eligible for grant funding whenever non-essential retail is legally required close. Details of these grant schemes, along with additional information on the broader range of financial support available for travel businesses, can be found in ABTA’s Member briefing. Guidance from the UK Government which details businesses that are legally required to close has now been updated to confirm the inclusion of retail travel agents, and you can find that here

Local restrictions grant funding – businesses severely impacted due to local restrictions

When areas start to emerge from lockdown, and non-essential retail re-opens, different grant schemes will once more be activated for businesses which are restricted, but not legally required to close. Again, we would recommend that Members familiarise themselves with the funding that might be available under these circumstances, by accessing ABTA’s Member briefing document. 

Any restrictions placed on individuals’ ability to travel, along with the quarantine policy, are obvious impediments to travel businesses’ ability to sell holidays. ABTA has therefore provided templates which Members can use to support their applications for the various local grant schemes. 

In England, for businesses in Tier 3, ABTA recommends that you apply for funding under either the Localised Restrictions Support Grant (Open) scheme, or the Additional Restrictions Grant scheme.

For businesses in Tier 2, ABTA recommends that you apply for funding under the Localised Restrictions Support Grant (Open) scheme.

Discretionary grant funding

We are aware that a number of travel businesses, who do not fall into the retail category, may not be eligible to receive certain local grant funding in England. When this is the case, we advise Members to apply to their local council’s discretionary funding schemes, if available. 

We have also provided a template below which can support Members in England with their application for this discretionary funding. 

Download template content to support your grant applications

As each Local Authority will have a different online application system, we have provided content which can be used in the application itself. It is not advised, at this time, to write to your local council, as this will slow your application.

Not sure which Council area you are in? check that here

Template letter in support of LRSG (Closed) applications – Tier 4


Template letter in support of ARG applications – Tier 4


Template letter in support of ARG applications – Tier 3


Template letter in support of LRSG (Open) applications – Tiers 2-3


Sector specific grant funding

In addition to local restrictions funding, the Scottish Government has indicated to ABTA that travel businesses will soon be able to access a dedicated pot of sector specific grant money. Full details of these schemes – for travel agents and tour operators – are yet to be announced. ABTA will update Members on how to apply for this funding in due course. 

The Welsh Government has also introduced a sector specific funding scheme for tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses, which we would recommend Welsh Members apply for. 

ABTA will continue to lobby the UK Government and the Northern Ireland Executive to provide tailored support for travel businesses in England and Northern Ireland, respectively.