Need a money saving expert? Try your local travel agent

Many of us haven’t taken an overseas holiday for almost three years. For long periods it was actually illegal to take an overseas break. At other times, you could go abroad only subject to being fully vaccinated or taking expensive Covid tests, while steering your way through bewildering entry requirements. 

So, more than ever before, people are desperate for a much-needed and deserved overseas break, but it is overwhelmingly important that this holiday lives up to expectations. ABTA members, both travel agents and tour operators, are reporting record bookings and the smart advice is to get in now for three reasons - 1 to lock in the price of your holiday, 2 to make sure you get the holiday in your preferred destination and 3 to do so at a time of year which suits you. 

ABTA has had some feedback from our travel agent members, telling us that many of these customers are saying that they had never used a travel agent before, but post pandemic they really value the guidance, advice, and reassurance that a professional travel agent offers. 

However, it’s wrong to think that it’s more expensive to use a travel agent rather than making your own travel arrangements.

Unless you’re buying a house or car, buying a holiday is may be your number one largest spend in the year. Surely you wouldn’t want to risk that by buying a substandard trip or simply one that isn’t right for you – just as you wouldn’t want to buy a car which isn’t right? 

Well, the choice on offer in travel is truly bewildering and an expert travel agent is ideally placed to steer you though the wide range of travel websites on offer, to guide you to your perfect break. After all they’re experts, it’s what they do week in week out. 

So, an unenjoyable, disappointing break or the best holiday you have had in years? It’s a bit of a no brainer. 

If it’s the case that it’s typically no more expensive to book with a travel agent, how do they earn their money? Most of their revenue comes from suppliers such as tour operators and hotels who see travel agents as an invaluable retail arm and one of the best ways to market their product. Agents will also benefit from trade rates, which are lower than those on offer to the general public.

Are you thinking of a long-haul flight, a trip of a lifetime but are finding the costs off putting? Well, let’s introduce you to an industry secret - consolidators, also known colloquially as ‘bucket shops’. These are companies that get access to discounted fares, and they only sell through travel agents. 

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Use your local agent, stretch their knowledge to the full, enjoy a great value, perfect break you won’t regret it. 

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