23 Jan

Why is having a social media strategy so important for your travel brand?

There are 3.5 billion social media users in the world, this equates to about 45% of the population and it will only continue to grow.* Brands can’t ignore this method of communicating with customers. 

Why is having an effective social media strategy in place so important to brands?

  • People spend an average of three hours per day on social networks and messaging.** This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand and engage with consumers by creating content that stands out when people scroll through their newsfeeds. 
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.** If you have a good understanding of the platforms that your customers use most, and ensure you’re providing enough easy to digest information, this can be the perfect tool to draw customers in and encourage them to book.
  • Social is a great way to build trust. Working with influencers is a great way to convince travellers to book through your company. Customers look for recommendations and can be easily persuaded to book a holiday if they are given an authentic review. They are more likely to trust the review if it comes from an influencer they follow or reviews from other customers. 
  • Platforms have the facility for brands to sell their products. Today’s travel customer can book a holiday in-store, via a website and over the phone, however more travel companies are now making it possible for customers to book via their social media platforms. This ensures that customers aren’t directed to other brands and makes it easier to make the sale. 

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*Emarsys 2019
**GlobalWebIndex 2018