07 Nov

Five key principles to consider when selling to the over 50s

Today’s over 50s are typically wealthier than their counterparts in previous generations. They may have already retired and often have bigger budgets to explore the world. “It has never been as cheap or as easy to travel as it is now” says Sara Grady, Head of Tourism at GlobalData “and this is something that can be leveraged when reaching out to an older consumer.”

Understanding how to reach the over 50s and how to adapt your product will increase your engagement with this lucrative market.

Don’t forget these key principles when selling to the over 50s:

  • Understand your target market – avoid grouping the over 50s together and remember the importance of segmenting the market when selling.
  • Beware of stereotypes – the over 50s want to be defined by activities, attitudes, desires, interests, lifestyle and needs – not age. They refuse to look, think, feel, behave or accept chronological age.
  • Make it personal – understand your client’s attitude towards life and ensure you have a clear strategy to find out their needs before selling them the perfect solution.
  • Train your team – you must ensure you hire the right people who are able to deliver personal service and offer the correct training. Do you have ways of motivating your team to understand the customer and tailor their service towards them?
  • Keep up with the latest trends – understand where the over 50s want to travel to and how they want to travel. Ensure you’re in tune with the new digital trends – the over 50s are tech savvy and you should adapt your selling strategy to make sure you're using the best sales channels.

Whether you already have a large over 50s base and want to hear about new and innovative ways to connect with your customers, or you would like to hear how to increase your reach and engagement with the over 50s market, don’t miss ABTA’s third annual Over 50s Holiday Market conference on 29 November in London.

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