23 Aug

Are you aware of the risks that business travellers face?

The key question for all of us involved in business travel is how we evaluate the risk business travellers face. Are they the same for every corporate client and traveller?

From car accidents to medical emergencies, security threats and terrorist incidents, companies should be aware of the threats travelling employees face, from the everyday to the extreme. 

A well-crafted travel policy is at the heart of any successful travel programme. However, the dilemma today is how to ensure that our travel policies have a current integrated risk programme. Does your travel policy cover sharing economy services and personal travel (bleisure) and have you considered the specific threats towards your female travellers? Does your travel policy successfully meet, and cover our liabilities and duty of care to travellers? What are the implications and liability for the Corporate Client, Travel Manager or TMC when they introduce peer to peer services into their travel policies to attract the best talent or retain a client?

ABTA’s Business Travel Risk Management Seminar will take place at ABTA’s offices in London Bridge on 3 October, and will bring together Corporate Clients, Travel Managers, and TMCs to better understand today’s growing risks to business travellers.
A number of guest speakers will share practical insights at the event. William Sandover, Chair of GBTA Risk Committee will share his insights on how to evaluate travel risk. Matt Gatenby (Travlaw) will explain the liabilities that Corporate Clients, Travel Managers and TMCs face. He will discuss the legal implications of bleisure trips, using knowledge learnt from recent case examples. An industry panel made up of Tony McGetrick (BCD Travel), John O’Sullivan (Key Travel), Lloyd Figgins (TRIP Group), and Carolyn Pearson (Maiden Voyage) will discuss the numerous risks facing business travel. One travel manager, Amanda Taylor, Head of Travel, Lush, will explain how they engage with their travellers to manage risk. 

While proactively protecting travelling staff is vital, there will always be incidents that are out of your control. The final session will cover what to do in the event of a crisis. Knowing where your travellers are is imperative and ABTA Partner, Drum Cussac will provide an update on the latest traveller tracking technology. You’ll hear from a panel of speakers such as Adam Knights (ATPI) and Angela Hills (ABTA), who will draw together key learnings and provide insight on how to act as an incident evolves, including the roles played by various stakeholders. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event. 

Find out more, see a full speaker line up and register your place here.