11 Oct

ABTA and Deloitte launch Climate Action Guidebook 

ABTA – The Travel Association and Deloitte have launched a new Climate Action Guidebook which outlines how businesses can lead the way to decarbonisation and make travel and tourism more sustainable. 

The manual, which was launched at ABTA’s Travel Convention, will help business leaders gain technical knowledge and understanding on carbon reduction and the practical steps their businesses can follow to take action.

The guidebook provides:

  • Insight on current carbon reporting and reduction targets required as part of reaching the UK’s net-zero targets;
  • Information on climate-related risks and how to manage them;
  • Guidance on how businesses can measure their carbon footprint; and 
  • Ways to approach a net-zero commitment. 

As well as industry-specific insight and case studies, there is also a strong emphasis on the importance of travel leaders working collaboratively on decarbonisation.

The guide is aimed at businesses of all shapes and sizes, recognising that every corner of the industry has a part to play in reducing carbon emissions across the travel supply chain.
It also includes new data on consumer attitudes towards climate change; 71% of UK consumers believe that climate change is an emergency, and 57% are changing their activities or purchasing habits to help address it1.

ABTA and Deloitte have been working together over the last year, to produce this Guidebook looking at the practical steps industry needs to take to decarbonise travel, and what we need from leaders of travel businesses to make that happen. CEOs and sustainability leads from ABTA Members have contributed to the collaboration and guidebook. A copy of the guidebook can be found here

It follows on from ABTA’s Tourism for Good report, released in 2020, which provides a framework to develop a more sustainable industry.

Carol Rose, Senior Sustainability Manager at ABTA – The Travel Association said:

“Climate change is a global threat. The impact of a warming planet is plain to see. Just this summer we’ve seen the UK – along with many other places - reach record temperatures, as well as wildfires and floods. 

“For our sector, decarbonisation isn’t easy but it is essential. Progress has been made across the travel industry to reduce emissions, but there is still a long way to go and this guidebook will help businesses to chart that course.

“I also want to extend a huge thank you to all of the Members who have contributed to this process and the development of the guidebook.”

Alistair Pritchard, lead partner for travel and aviation at Deloitte, said: 

“Consumers and businesses alike are looking at the ways in which they can adapt travel behaviours in order to be more sustainable and, for the travel industry, this is particularly challenging given the nature of the broader travel eco-system. Every step towards decarbonising is a positive move, and we hope that the practical actions set out in the guidebook serves to navigate businesses on their carbon-reduction journey.”

Notes to editors

1Deloitte, Global State of the Consumer Tracker – UK Consumers, March 2022

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