I’ve arrived at the hotel and found it isn’t up to standard. Can I get an alternative or upgrade?

This depends on whether there’s a breach of your holiday contract. If the hotel isn’t as described then you should notify your travel rep or travel company and they should find you an alternative if they can. This should be of a similar standard to the hotel you booked; they don’t have to upgrade you to a hotel that’s so far superior that it’s not a genuine substitute.

If they can’t find you a suitable alternative and you don’t want to stay in the hotel you booked, your travel company should bring you home.

If, on the other hand, you're simply dissatisfied with your hotel then you'll more than likely be charged to amend or upgrade your accommodation.

If you choose to book and pay for alternative accommodation you'll be incurring additional cost and this could go against you as you do have the obligation to mitigate your loss.

Top tip
You must complete a customer complaint form with the rep and retain a copy. Remain civil with the rep and remember it’s unlikely to be their fault.

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