Epic escapes: The 10 most exciting destinations to explore in 2024

Are you still thinking about where to go on holiday this year? Well, get ready to be inspired! 

Travellers are feeling more adventurous than ever this year as according to our research 47% of people plan to visit a resort or city they have never been to before and 41% a totally new country. 

And so, to help offer some holiday inspiration we launched our Destinations to Watch 2024 report which includes 10 fascinating destinations. 
With 64% of people planning to go abroad this year and 58% planning to take a UK holiday, our report features a domestic destination for the first time ever. 

Let’s not waste any more time! Here are our 10 destinations to watch in 2024…


More and more savvy holidaymakers are discovering this stunning, friendly, and good value destination, which is increasingly well served by UK tour operators and good quality accommodation. The capital Tirana is a cosmopolitan, buzzing city with some highly original and interesting museums. Or you can head to the towns along the Albanian Riviera with clear waters and incredibly reasonable prices – Saranda is a great pick and home to beautiful beaches.  




The beautiful Caribbean Island of Aruba is increasingly featured by British tour operators, making it much more accessible for holidaymakers looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this island is known for its incredible beaches, the most popular being Palm Beach which is lined with upmarket hotels, bars and restaurants. If you fancy a more secluded experience, try Arashi Beach or Eagle Bay! 



Greece’s largest island, Crete, is home to spectacular scenery and is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. A must see is the palace of Knossos, an unforgettable reminder of the island’s rich history and the Minoan civilization that flourished on the island in antiquity. It’s also worth heading to Heraklion with its impressive Venetian port and a range of bars, museums, and restaurants. 



The Spanish region of Extremadura is a largely undiscovered gem, home to three UNESCO world heritage sites and some of the country’s most attractive, historic cities. Visit the capital – Merida, which is a lively city with amazing well-preserved Roman remains to rival any found in Italy. Don’t leave without trying authentic Extremaduran cuisine which is highly prized throughout the whole of Spain.  




This island in the Indian ocean is a dream destination with a combination of perfect beaches, stunning landscapes and extremely welcoming, friendly and hospitable people. The capital Port Louis is a vibrant, diverse city whose historic buildings reflect its rich history with busy, colourful markets. Plus, Mauritian beaches are, of course, one of the island’s main attractions and they will not disappoint.



The east German region of Saxony is one of the most memorable parts of this amazing country with historic, stunning cities including the baroque beauty Dresden and hip and happening Leipzig. If you love landscapes and historic castles, Saxony is a treat of a destination. Don’t miss the Kreibstein and Schloss Moritzburg or a winter visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Ore Mountains.  




This idyllic English county on the Welsh borders has some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, towns and villages. Shropshire is not only a rural gem, but it was also the birthplace of the industrial revolution. A visit to the Shropshire Hills is a must as it has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Plus, it’s worth snapping a picture of the Ironbridge Gorge with its elegant eponymous bridge, the first of its kind to be built in the world. 


The Tyrol

The Austrian Tyrol and its Italian neighbour the Sud Tyrol are rightly famous for their outstanding ski resorts and facilities, but travellers outside of the winter months already know that this area of outstanding beauty has an equally bewitching side. Innsbruck is an extremely attractive and lively part of The Tyrol, with loads of great restaurants and bars. On the Italian side, the Dolomite Mountains are a must-visit and are simply stunning!  

The Tyrol



Visitors to Vietnam can now visit visa free for up to 45 days giving even more time to explore the country’s lively historic cities, stunning landscapes, and idyllic beaches. Enjoy a leisurely rail trip between the main cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh is a bustling, dynamic blend of the old and new where you will eat tasty, great-value street food. Also, Ha Long Bay is well-worth a visit with its iconic limestone formations and guided boat trips or kayaking. 



Zambia offers nature at its finest with a wealth of national parks teeming with wildlife, mighty waterfalls, and friendly vibrant cities. For animal lovers, very few countries compare - with almost a third of the country set aside for wildlife. Out of its 20 national parks, South Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi are considered amongst the best in the world – home to the ‘Big Five’ and other wonderful species. The majestic Victoria Falls is a sight to see and perfect for adrenaline seekers as it has some of the most spectacular white-water rafting in the world. 

Do any of our top 10 Destinations to Watch tickle your fancy? Read more about each destination or find your nearest ABTA member to book with confidence.