22 Oct

Travel industry rallies around the official charities at The Travel Convention

The Family Holiday Association and the ABTA Benevolent Fund raised more than £8,000 thanks to delegates at The Travel Convention in Barcelona.

The annual fun run, hosted by Argyle Recruitment, was sponsored by Barcelona Turisme, Arnold Fisher Insurance Services and Vertical Group, and raised almost £3,000.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines donated a two week cruise for a prize draw sponsored by Arnold Fisher at the Mega Party, which raised more than £5,000 and Affordable Car hire raised £400 by taking pictures of delegates at the sports events and during the convention.

Family Holiday Association director John McDonald said: “We’re really grateful to have been chosen by ABTA as one of the official charities of The Travel Convention.”

“We greatly appreciate the level of support we receive from the travel industry. Many thanks to everyone who generously contributed to our fundraising efforts at the Convention.”

Mark Tanzer ABTA Chief Executive said:  “I’m delighted with this generous response from delegates at the Convention in Barcelona in supporting the Family Holiday Associated and ABTA Benevolent Fund. This support is essential in helping us continue to help colleagues and families that are in need.”

For further information
Jacqulyn Bell, Events Fundraiser, Family Holiday Association
020 7323 7292, jacqulyn@fhaonline.org.uk

About the Family Holiday Association

For over 30 years, the Family Holiday Association has been working to provide short breaks for the most needy families in our community. The charity helps families in desperate circumstances: those dealing with bereavement, poverty, chronic illness, inadequate housing, or domestic violence.

The chance to enjoy a break away from the stresses of daily life is something that many of us take for granted, but thousands of UK children have never had the chance to enjoy a holiday.

Typically, a family granted a break spends a week staying in one of our caravans in a UK seaside town. We have found that these simple holidays can have a positive effect on mental health, help strengthen relationships within the family and give family members a fresh perspective, providing them with the motivation to make positive changes to their lives. The Family Holiday Association is registered charity no. 800262.

About the ABTA Benevolent Fund

The ABTA Benevolent Fund is ABTA’s very own Charity, managed by a Board of Trustees. It as was created 20 years ago with the aim of helping anyone working, or has worked for an ABTA Member, to improve their quality of life. And during these recessionary times, the Fund is receiving an increasing number of applications for help from those unfortunate colleagues who are unable to work through prolonged illness, an accident, redundancy or compulsory retirement.   Over the years the Fund has helped more than 500 families by awarding grants and loans totalling some £500,000. With continued generous support, it can help many more. For further information, please visit www.abtabenevolentfund.org.

The ABTA Benevolent Fund is registered charity no. 295819.