27 Nov

Top tips for travel advertising

How to advertise holidays in accordance with the law 

The Advertising Standards Authority have the following advice for travel advertisers: 

  • Make significant conditions clear
    Make sure consumers know how they can access an offer. If it is only available on certain routes or certain dates, make this clear alongside the headline claims.
  • Keep your claims up to date 
    If all the tickets available at the lowest price have been sold, update the ad so consumers don’t think they can still access that price.
  • Explain if prices may change
    In third-party space you should make sure prices are valid at the time the ad appears and indicate if prices are subject to change.
  • Hold evidence
    You should be able to demonstrate there was reasonable availability of the quoted offers at the time the ad was shown. 

You can more tips in CAP’s News article Travel marketing – Don’t just ‘wing’ it 

The Advertising Standards Authority spoke at ABTA’s Consumer Law in the Marketing and Selling of Holidays seminar on 21 November, attended by over 30 companies. Industry, legal and marketing experts shared their insights on how to market and sell holidays in accordance with the law. Sessions focussed on the impact of the new Package Travel Regulations, the definition of ‘misleading’ in advertising and the identification of unfair terms. Best practice was shared for legally compliant online and offline campaigns. Speakers included ABTA Partner+ Travlaw, ABTA Partner Four Communications, CAA, Flight Centre, the Advertising Standards Authority and ABTA.  

You can hear more about consumer law in travel at ABTA’s Travel Law Seminar on 22-23 May 2018.