23 Nov

Royal Wedding Bank Holiday to spark travel bonanza

Workers will only have to use up three days' leave to take an eleven day break from Easter to the beginning of May in 2011, thanks to the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday announced today, which will lead to a unique holiday bonanza. Four public holidays will fall from 22 April to 2 May meaning customers will only need to book three days leave for almost two weeks off.

The Royal Wedding will give a massive boost to visitor numbers to London over Easter, but the royal couple have already proved that they love spending time away together and destinations where they have already spent significant moments will also attract an influx of visitors thanks to Kate and Wills fever. 

Leading the list are St. Andrews, the beautiful and historic university town and birthplace of golf where they met, Kenya, the Seychelles and Switzerland where they have spent many holidays skiing. After the wedding, the royal couples’ new home Anglesey will be a magnet for royal watchers who will be amazed and delighted by some of the most spectacular and unspoilt countryside in Europe.

Sean Tipton ABTA Senior Press Officer said: “The travel industry is united in wishing the happy couple a wonderful wedding and we know our customers will take full advantage of their gift to us of an extra day’s holiday which will mean they only need to book three days leave for an 11 day break.”