20 Mar

New research shows ABTA’s brand brings you business

High consumer awareness of ABTA, and positive sentiment, mean that more people will look for the ABTA logo when booking their holiday – bringing in business to you, our members. 

In order to measure this sentiment, we run regular market research to find out people’s views of the ABTA brand. Earlier this month we interviewed 1,000 people on this topic, a scientifically representative sample of the population. The results are very pleasing. 

‘Trusted’, ‘reliable’ and ‘safe’ are among the sentiments that first come to mind when consumers are asked about their perceptions of ABTA. It also reveals that the number of people who associate ABTA with reassurance, reliability, confidence, safety, and experts is increasing with all scoring over 80%.

Perhaps even more impressive is that 89% say they are more likely to book with an ABTA member than a company that is not, making it more important than ever to feature our logo in your advertising and promote your ABTA membership.

Similarly, we’ve seen an increase in the number of consumers willing to pay more for a holiday booked through an ABTA member than a non-member, and 72% would recommend booking with an ABTA member to their family and friends. 

These outstanding results are a reflection of the excellence of you, our members, and the high standards of service you provide. The ABTA brand and its logo are driving business to our members, as well as helping people to travel with confidence.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive


80% of people associate us with confidence