26 Jul

MPs Will Take More Holidays This Summer Reveals ABTA

As millions head off on their holidays this summer, ABTA has today revealed the summer holiday plans of UK MPs and Peers. ABTA research estimates that 13,000,000 Brits will head overseas in the next two months, as school holidays begin. MPs and Peers will not be missing out on the action with 42% of Parliamentarians heading abroad this summer.

The second annual ABTA Parliamentary Holiday Survey finds that members of the House of Lords are more likely to holiday abroad this summer than their colleagues in the Commons. The Mediterranean is still the most popular overseas choice for MPs and Scotland, last year’s favourite UK destination retains its top spot with the south west of England coming a close second.

Nearly all of the MPs [97%] and Peers [100%] surveyed will be taking a break this summer. Four in ten MPs will be taking advantage of the long summer break by heading off overseas with the rest taking a break in the UK. Scotland and the South West are the most popular UK choices. Their colleagues in the House of Lords are slightly more likely to jet off with 44% heading overseas, with 4 in 10 of these heading to exotic long haul destinations.

Holidays are clearly a popular consideration for our political representatives but they are also a hard working bunch with eight out of ten of MPs and over half of peers intending to take less than the national average of three holidays this year. However, the percentage of MPs intending to take three or more holidays has grown from 7% in 2010 to 19% in 2011. For Peers this has shrunk from 50% in 2010 to 44% in 2011 despite the House of Lords sitting on more days than in previous years.

When asked how many holidays they would be taking this year, MPs and Peers replied; take no holiday: MPs 11.5% Peers 0%; take only one holiday: MPs 31% Peers 22%; take two holidays: MPs 38.5% Peers 28%; take three or more holidays: MPs 19 % Peers 44%.

Mark Tanzer ABTA Chief Executive said: “The annual ABTA Parliamentary survey shows that taking a break is just as important for our political representatives as it is for millions of UK citizens. Whether they are in Scotland or Spain, Brighton or Barbados, holidays are essential to recharge batteries for all hardworking Britons, Parliamentarians included.”

ABTA’s Research and Public Affairs Manager Stephen D’Alfonso has said: “ABTA Research indicates that the Treasury will collect an eye-watering £328 million in APD over the next two months from UK holidaymakers, with Parliamentarians poised to contribute more than £17,000 to that total. MPs and Peers will know how important a holiday can be, and should re-think any further rise in aviation taxation as family budgets will have to stretch ever further this year."