04 Feb

Morocco – a destination of authenticity and diversity

Closer to the UK than you think: At one point, Morocco is only eight miles off the coast of Spain and three hours flying time from the UK. 

ABTA picked Morocco as one of its 2020 destinations to watch in this year’s ABTA Travel Trends report, for its dramatic mountains, windswept beaches and magical ancient cities. The country has so much to offer, but we’ve narrowed its wide range of experiences down to suit three types of travellers – cultural, outdoor and beach types. Which type of these travellers are you? 

Culture vultures
For those looking for some culture, Morocco should be up there on your wish list. It’s a land rich in culture, blessed with maze-like medinas, where you can spend time getting lost in the labyrinth of back streets. First time visitors must start their Moroccan adventure in the ancient city of Marrakesh, home to the unforgettable street theatre of the Djemaa El Fna square and many jewel-like traditional houses called riads, most of which have been converted into luxury hotels.

Go shopping for leather goods, rugs and brass lamps in the market, which are all part of the Moroccan experience and extremely good value for money. Wonder through the markets and you may also be offered a cup of refreshing mint tea – a local’s time-honored ritual of hospitality and ceremony.

Outdoor explorers
Morocco’s varied and dramatic landscapes means it appeals to the adventurous. Try activities like 4x4 driving in the Sahara Desert, kite surfing and kayaking or taste of another side of Morocco by heading into the High Atlas Mountains for hiking trails. You’ll find beautiful waterfalls and picturesque Berber villages. For a truly unforgettable experience stay overnight in the award-winning Kasbah du Toubkal, a historic mountain fortress set in an incredibly dramatic setting.

Sun, sea and sand lovers
Beach lovers are well served in Morocco with 3,500 km of coastline and resorts such as Agadir, Taghazout and Essaouira. Morocco benefits from being on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so visitors can choose between all-inclusive resorts on either side and are spoilt for choice – it’s perfect for a family holiday. 

So, if your 2020 travel list requires some adventure, culture or seaside, then Morocco should be printed on your boarding ticket. It’s full of a diverse range of experiences and will surely leave you with a few travel memories to treasure. Just don’t forget to look for the ABTA logo and book with an ABTA Member.