12 Feb

Latest on PTD

It’s expected that the revised Package Travel Directive will finally be published in the late spring.

Over the last few years, we have conducted intensive lobbying in Brussels, which has helped to positively shape the new Directive, and ensure that the voice of ABTA Members is at the heart of the policymaking process. The right of agents to continue to act as agents for principals; the exemption of the majority of business travel arrangements; the fact that consumers will continue to be bound by booking conditions without a right of withdrawal, are all positive measures that we have fought tirelessly for, and which have been understood and accepted by the institutions.

There are still a number of provisions that are under discussion and ABTA is continuing to engage in Brussels to push for a fair, flexible, and future-proofed Directive. Once the Directive is adopted in May, it will still need to pass through the UK legislative process, and so it is not expected to come into law until 2017. However, Members will need to ensure they are prepared for any changes, and when the Directive is published we will help Members understand the implications for their businesses via a series of roadshows, webinars, opinion pieces and guidance documents, which we will let you know about in ABTA Today, ABTA Magazine and other media channels.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive