24 Aug

How members are helping to shape ABTA’s strategy and direction

As a trade association, ABTA’s role is to support members by providing the services you need to run successful businesses. Everything we do aims to help our members thrive. And it’s members who help shape ABTA’s strategy and work plan.  

Our governance structure includes the ABTA Board of Directors, which is responsible for setting ABTA’s direction. The current Board is drawn from different parts of the ABTA membership and represents all members, whatever their type or size. We also have committees which oversee and guide matters relating to our membership rules.    

The Membership Committee deals with topics such as new member applications and membership terminations, and the Code of Conduct Committee makes judgements on compliance with the Code. It’s really important that it is ABTA members making these decisions; it helps maintain the high standards and quality mark of the ABTA badge and members have first-hand experience of the benefits of meeting the Code’s standards.   

There is also the Council of Regions which acts as a channel of communication between members and our Board of Directors. Here the representatives raise your issues as well as helping members make the most of their ABTA membership. We‘re currently accepting nominations for two vacant positions for the South West and South regions.   

You don’t need to be involved in a committee or be a Board member to have your say about the work we do. As well as the annual ABTA member survey, there are lots of ways to share your insight and feedback, including through our monthly video conference calls, when attending the events in our engagement programme or by simply getting in touch with us.    

Lastly, we have a number of working groups which look at a range of issues – from policy to health and safety, and legal matters to sustainability. Here members help inform ABTA’s activities and shape the work we do to represent and support you.    

By getting contributions from members we can best make sure we’re meeting members’ needs and responding to emerging issues. So please do get involved in any way you can.   

I’d like to congratulate Jamie Gardiner of Design World Ltd who, last week, was re-elected to the ABTA Board to represent principal members with a turnover of not more than £50 million. And thank you to Graeme Brett of Westoe Travel for putting himself forward for election and who will continue to have an important voice within the association in his role as North East regional Chair.     

And thank you to all members who engage with our work. We really value the time you invest in ABTA, your ideas and experience.  


Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive