13 Dec

Four ways to engage and keep the luxury traveller

Luxury travel is changing as consumer behaviour and expectations change. It’s important to keep on top of the latest trends, product developments and marketing and selling techniques. Here are four ways to develop your product offering and to engage and keep the luxury traveller. 

  1. Provide personal, tailored and expert travel advice

    ABTA’s 2019 Travel Trends report found that of the main reasons holidaymakers book with a travel professional is because they feel more confident doing so (45%). In an age of limitless choice and information, the service travel professionals provide is highly valued — offering a few well-selected holidays which meet the customer’s specific requirements. In the luxury market, this bespoke and tailored service is even more crucial, both via the 1:1 personalised in-store experience and through your online offering.
  2. Diversify your product offering

    Offer travel concierge and bespoke services - luxury travellers increasingly expect on-demand personalised attention at all levels. Luxury travel brands are increasingly offering access to VIP amenities and additional services, from luggage delivery, entrance to private events and customised itineraries. Offer luxury journeys and consider ways to make the journey as good as the destination – there has been a rise in luxury train travel, luxury cruise and private jet holidays. Integrate wellness into your product offerings to capture those increasingly health-conscious shoppers. Wellbeing is a growing trend, especially in the luxury market, so empower your consumers in their journey to wellbeing.
  3. Meet the growing demand for responsible luxury travel

    Sustainability issues are now firmly in the minds of holidaymakers. ABTA’s Travel Trends report in 2019 shows people are increasingly conscious of the positive influence they can have through their holiday booking choices and are more mindful of the actions they take. Responsible tourism is now becoming an increasingly significant consideration when booking a holiday and 45% of people say the sustainability credentials of their travel provider are important when booking a holiday this year, this has almost doubled over the last four years (24% in 2014). 
  4. Engage affluent millennials

    Offer authentic and shareable luxury travel experiences to appeal to growing market of globetrotting millennial travellers. Experiences come in many shapes and sizes, from understanding the history and traditions of a country to adventure travel and connections with local communities. To attract a younger customer, build a strong online presence and monitor it constantly. Use social media and consider working with luxury bloggers and social influencers to reach targeted groups.

You can hear more about these trends at ABTA’s Luxury Travel Conference in London on 21 March 2019. Refresh your knowledge of the latest marketing and selling techniques. Understand and meet the growing demand for concierge services, luxury journeys and sustainable travel experiences. Consider new ways to target specific affluent groups such as millennials and the over 50s. Be inspired to develop your product offering and retain your customers through loyalty building and exquisite customer service. Gain the confidence you need to build your presence in the luxury travel market. 

You can find more information about the event and register here

Note that a limited number complimentary places are available for travel agents. Please contact events@abta.co.uk to apply for a complimentary place.