28 Apr

EU Roaming charges – what holidaymakers need to know

We’ve all heard horror stories of people who used their phones abroad and then returned home to find huge roaming charges had been added to their bills. But there is good news for holidaymakers heading to the EU, as sending those snapchats is about to get a lot cheaper.

Back in 2013, the EU Parliament voted to end roaming charges, which means that by 15 June 2017 they’ll have gone completely. As part of this move, on April 30 2016 new caps on the amount you can be charged are being introduced, which will make roaming even cheaper for holidaymakers.

So, if you’re planning on using your phone in the EU, here’s what you need to know:

30 April 2016

From Saturday 30 April, charges will be:

  • Outgoing voice calls (per minute) - domestic price + up to €0.05
  • Incoming voice calls (per minute) - €0.0114
  • Outgoing texts (per SMS message) - domestic price + up to €0.02
  • Online (data download, per MB*) - domestic price + up to €0.05               

15 June 2017

From 15 June 2017 all roaming charges for the above will be charged at the domestic rate.

For more information on these changes, head to the Digital Single Market section of the European Commission website: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/roaming-tariffs