26 May

Bringing industry leaders together on climate change

Earlier this month ABTA and Deloitte were pleased to bring leaders from across the industry together to look at the action travel businesses need to take to reduce carbon emissions and how leaders can drive this change. 

The event was a Deloitte Greenhouse Lab session, where participants are led through a series of discussions and challenges by experts from Deloitte teams. It was attended by Chief Executives and sustainability leads from across a range of Members – including leisure and business travel agents, small and large tour operators, and cruise companies.

The event was part of the joint project between ABTA and Deloitte, which aims to help advance the industry’s understanding of climate change, the impact it will have on travel businesses and the actions needed to reduce global emissions.

The session explored the climate change policy and regulatory landscape, including the existing targets for decarbonisation and reaching Net Zero, as well as the risks posed by a warming climate and examined good examples from across the travel industry where reductions have already been achieved.

We also had a fascinating discussion on the role of industry leaders to drive this change, looking at what we need from leaders and what leaders need themselves to pioneer the transformation required. We also examined the changes businesses need to make to reduce emissions, and the need to communicate with our customers and suppliers about sustainable travel. There was also a strong recognition of the importance of collaboration across the travel and tourism sector.

It was an energising and inspiring event. The insights gained will inform a new report which Deloitte and ABTA are collaborating on. The report will be available in the summer and aims to be a practical guide for leaders of travel businesses of all sizes to help them tackle carbon emissions.  

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive