31 Oct

With Brexit on pause it’s back to business

Happy Halloween!  
Today was the day etched in everyone’s diaries that the UK would be leaving the EU ‘deal or no deal’. With the Brexit extension now confirmed until 31st January, the focus for politicians over the next few weeks moves on to preparation for a General Election on December 12th, allowing the political debate to broaden out.
Over the coming weeks ABTA will be engaging with politicians on the subjects that matter to travel and tourism. Our focus will be on demonstrating the significant contribution our sector – the UK’s fifth largest – makes to the UK, in terms of both GDP and jobs. We will argue the importance of a tax and regulatory regime that enhances competitiveness, secures a skilled workforce and protects our environment to create a sustainable future for tourism. 
We will also continue our efforts to support customers so that they can book and travel with confidence. ABTA’s own Holiday Habits consumer research shows that the proportion of the population taking a holiday and the average number of holidays per person have both increased in the last year. ONS data also show package holidays increasing in popularity in recent years. These are positive signs towards a bright future as we move through the inevitable upheaval of the coming weeks.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive