07 Sep

Agents to Boost Lobbying on APD as Chancellor Says “He’s on the Case”

Chancellor, George Osborne MP, yesterday reassured MPs from Northern Ireland that he is “on the case” in regard to the damaging impacts APD is having on the economy in Northern Ireland. Today, agents lead by ABTA Northern Ireland representative, Doreen McKenzie of Knock Travel, pledged to redouble efforts to reduce APD.

Doreen McKenzie said: “Agents in Northern Ireland are determined to do all we can to fight increases in APD and will continue to make the case for reducing the tax rates. We have superb airports, great routes to some fantastic destinations and a brilliant tourist offering for visitors. All we need now is a tax regime that recognises it is crazy taxing flights from Northern Ireland disproportionately higher than flights from Dublin airport. ABTA is continuing to make the case to Government and travel agents in Northern Ireland are at the heart of this campaign.”

Travel agents in Northern Ireland are working as part of the Fair Tax on Flying campaign of over 30 organisations including airlines, airports, travel companies and business groups in calling for reform of APD. Following a consultation held earlier this year the Treasury is expected to announce changes to the way flight taxes are levied in the autumn.