10 Oct

ABTA welcomes 23 new Members from June to September 2013

ABTA welcomed 23 new Members into the Association from June to September 2013, four trading as a retailer, 18 as principals and one in both classes of membership.

These new Members also include ferry, cruise and coach companies, amongst them Irish Ferries, Edwards Coaches, Magical Cruise Company (Disney Cruise Lines) and Brittany Ferries.

The following companies became ABTA Members:

  • Casterbridge Tours Limited, Principal, ABTA number Y6084, joined 01/07/13
  • Cities Direct Ltd, Principal, ABTA number, Y6085, joined 01/07/13
  • Expat Explore Travel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6088, joined 01/07/13
  • Rustical Travel, Principal, ABTA number Y6086, joined 01/07/13
  • The Travel Wallet, Retailer,  ABTA number P6555, joined 01/07/13
  • Undiscovered Alps Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y6087, joined 01/07/13
  • Irish Ferries Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6089, joined 01/07/13
  • Timeless Tours Ltd, Retailer,  ABTA number P6557, joined 04/07/13
  • Diverse World Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y6090, joined 09/0713
  • Isle of Man Event Services Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6091, joined 18/07/13
  • Edwards Coaches Ltd, Dual Member,  ABTA number Y6098/P6587 joined 08/08/13
  • Iceland ProTravel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6096, joined 08/08/13
  • Travel with Kitts Ltd, Retailer,  ABTA number P6584, joined 08/08/13
  • Yeslab Ltd, Principal,  ABTA numberY6095, joined 08/08/13
  • Aclass ApS, Principal,  ABTA number Y6104, joined 22/08/13
  • Villa Plus Ltd, Principal,  ABTA numberY6093, 22/08/13
  • Hexagon Travel Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y6108, joined 04/09/13
  • Magical Cruise Company Ltd (Disney Cruise Line),  Principal, ABTA number Y6107, joined  04/09/13
  • Dawes Productions Ltd, Retailer,  ABTA number P6614, joined 06/09/13
  • Gardesh Yaran Tour Operator Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6111, joined 06/09/13
  • Brittany Ferries, Principal, ABTA number Y6117, joined 25/09/13
  • Just Resorts Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6118, joined 27/09/13
  • Go Philippines Travel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6119, joined 30/09/13

Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive commented: “The range of sectors represented by our new Members reflects not only the diversity of the travel industry but also the breadth of work undertaken here at ABTA. We are delighted to welcome our new Members and look forward to working closely with them. ”

Tony Mahoney, Business Development Manager of Edwards Coaches commented: “Edwards Coaches are pleased to announce we are now ABTA members, which further enhances our high level of service and added value offered to our customers. We are looking forward to working in partnership whereby we are provided with advice, guidance and assistance on our issues.

We believe that becoming a member also gives us the status we feel we have worked hard to achieve, within the travel industry. This, along with our expertise and knowledge means our customers can relax and look forward to a seamless holiday experience, and that everything is taken care of for them.”