13 Oct

ABTA statement in response to the Government's Call for Evidence on holiday sickness claims

ABTA strongly welcomes the Call for Evidence announced today by the Government, in particular the commitment to urgently address the loophole in the law which is allowing companies to unduly profit from false holiday sickness claims. The Stop Sickness Scams campaign, led by ABTA with the support of industry, has been calling for a Government clampdown on these fake claims to prevent higher prices and less choice for honest holidaymakers. ABTA and its Members have already presented the Government with a body of evidence over the past months showing how these claims have risen by 500% since 2013 whilst reported sickness levels have remained stable. These claims are also tarnishing British holidaymakers’ reputation abroad, particularly in Spain where they are costing hoteliers millions of pounds. It is crucial that the Government brings in new rules which control legal costs on holiday sickness claims as soon as possible, and we welcome the chance to be able to submit further evidence from our Members to help crack down on these bogus claims.