01 Jun

ABTA Chairman talks about the benefits of being an ABTA member.

The following article was first published on Travel Gossip 25 May 2023.

ABTA Chairman Alistair Rowland outlines the benefits of being an ABTA member.

ABTA was set up over 70 years ago by a group of travel agents and tour operators keen to raise standards in the travel industry and provide reassurance and protection to the travelling public.

Over its history, ABTA has become the gold standard for the industry to such an extent that a significant proportion of customers will simply not book with a travel company if they are not an ABTA member.

“This reputation has been hard won over the years through the consistently high quality and reliable holidays provided by ABTA members.

Customers know that they can trust a company displaying the ABTA logo, which is even more important in volatile, uncertain times. So, simply by having the ABTA logo in your shop window or on your website you will gain a significant commercial advantage. 

Part of the reason that the ABTA logo is so trusted, is that all ABTA members agree to follow our Code of Conduct when they join the association.

The Code has organically grown throughout its history to accurately represent all the legislation that governs the travel industry. It is also an excellent template and guide to ensure the highest standards of customer service.

Although it is true that the Code can and does have a regulatory function if members breach it, its primary function is to help members provide those high quality, reliable services for which they are rightly renowned.

“Our independently operated arbitration service is also a source of reassurance, offering customers, should they ever need it, a faster, cheaper alternative to the Small Claims Court.

ABTA membership also gives you access to the expertise and advice available to members from the staff at our offices in Park Street, London. Help with legal advice, operational support, crisis management, dealing with the media, advice on bonding and how to ensure your business is trading sustainably are all just some of the services available, so please make sure you make the most of your membership by using these to the full.

ABTA also operates a wide range of training events, which are available to members at discounted rates, including the annual Travel Convention, which will be in Bodrum this year.

“We also have a dedicated members-only section on abta.com, which contains detailed guidance notes and training modules, available exclusively to ABTA members, and a range of free helplines provided by ABTA Partners.

ABTA also looks after its own, by supporting Lifeline, a charity that helps industry colleagues at a time when they most need it.

So, if you are already a member of the ABTA family, I hope this has provided a reminder of why your membership is so valuable, and if you are not, contact us and we can go into even more detail about the many ways ABTA membership can help you enrich and improve your business.