Reusable water bottles

Many of Noble Caledonia’s vessels offer free water dispensers to allow customers to re-fill on board rather than using single-use plastic bottles and more are being fitted with this equipment annually. A sensor allows bottles to be refilled without touching the dispenser, ensuring compliance with hygiene standards.

The company purchased three rotations for each vessel of durable, easy to clean steel drinks canisters which are available for customers to use during their voyage and to take on excursions onshore. By doing so they have reduced the annual usage of water bottles of 54,000 per vessel, saving storage space on board and saving costs associated with waste disposal. They have also started eliminating single-use plastics by banning straws, plastic cutlery, toiletries miniatures on board many of their vessels.

During Noble Caledonia cruises staff and customers can participate in beach clean-ups (sometimes planned but often spontaneous), in locations such as Svalbard, (Norway), Seychelles, Ducie Island in the Pacific Ocean, beaches in Scotland and Japan. They are also a proud Silver Sponsor of the Aldabra Clean-up Project which has in the last weeks recovered 20 tons of rubbish on Aldabra Atoll, an uninhabited Seychelle atoll.