08 Oct

ABTA welcomes 12 new Members and five new Partners

ABTA welcomed 12 new Members, ten trading as principals and two as dual Members, as well as five new Partners into the Association between July and September 2015.

The following companies became Members of ABTA between 1 July and 30 September 2015:

  • Mountain Heaven Ltd, ABTA number Y6294, Principal, joined 29/09/15
  • Made on Holiday Ltd, ABTA number Y6292, Principal, joined 15/09/15
  • Oldie Publications, ABTA number Y6290, Principal, joined 10/09/15
  • Far & Ride, ABTA number Y6288, Principal, joined 01/09/15
  • CITO Limited, ABTA number Y6287, Principal, joined 26/08/15
  • TravelTrex GmbH, ABTA number Y6286, Principal, joined 19/08/15
  • Global Travel Desk Ltd, ABTA numbers P6905 and Y6284, Dual, joined 11/08/15
  • Infinity Media Promotions, ABTA numbers P6900 and Y6283, Dual, joined 30/07/15
  • Travel Transportation Services Ltd, ABTA number Y6281, Principal, joined 28/07/15
  • The Travel Adventure Ltd, ABTA number Y6280, Principal, joined 24/07/15
  • TicketTree.com Ltd, ABTA number Y6279, Principal, joined 20/07/15
  • Bellarome Ltd, ABTA number Y6277, Principal, joined 02/07/15

The following companies became Partners of ABTA between 1 July and 30 September 2015:

  • Stein Richards Ltd, Partner number TIP610, joined 19/08/15
  • Cover-More Insurance Services Ltd, Partner number TIP609, joined 06/08/15
  • Equiniti Financial Services Ltd, Partner number TIP608, joined 31/07/15
  • Markadis Ltd, Partner number TIP607, joined 10/07/15
  • Los Cabos Tourism Board, Partner number TIP606, joined 02/07/15

Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive said: “Once again we have welcomed more fantastic Members and Partners into our organisation. Our Membership programme offers a huge range of resources and with seven in ten consumers expecting their holiday company to be a Member of ABTA, displaying the ABTA logo is a great marketing asset.

Our Partner programme offers Members access to a range of industry leading products and services.”

Nick Williams, Director, Mountain Heaven Ltd commented:  “Mountain Heaven Ltd offers great value catered and self-catered winter sports holidays. We are very pleased to have become an ABTA Member and, having undergone the rigorous ABTA joining process, we believe that this will give our customers even more confidence in booking a holiday with us.”