23 Sep

ABTA Partners and our first ever intern

This year we launched our ABTA internship to promote the work we and our University Partners do for the industry.

We now have eight Partners from the education sector - six universities, one college, one training company and a further two more have applied.

They are:

  1. The University of Surrey
  2. Plymouth University
  3. Manchester Metropolitan University (Partner +)
  4. Leeds Beckett University (Partner +)
  5. Bournemouth University (Partner +)
  6. The University of Wolverhampton
  7. CONEL (The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London)
  8. JournE Training.

We shortlisted four candidates from these universities to be our first-ever intern and they spent a day with us learning about the work we do from PR, marketing, legal, public affairs, financial protection and operational support.

The successful candidate was Amy Edmonds, from Plymouth University. Amy spent over a month with the Destinations and Sustainability team, and it was a busy summer dealing with Greece and Tunisia. While still an intern at ABTA we were thrilled to learn that Amy had secured a role at TUI’s Head Office in Luton. We hope that this positive experience will encourage more of our Members to take on interns, even if it is for a short period. Internships not only give the student valuable experience, they also bring a great deal of enthusiasm, knowledge and fresh ideas to your business.

Listen to what Amy had to say about her experience

These Partners can help your staffing needs through the provision of research, training courses, events and providing new staff. Many attend Regional Meetings and are interested in working with you or providing work experience for their students. If you are interested in offering a student a short (or longer) internship or placement please contact Vicki Wolf on vwolf@abta.co.uk.

As well as the universities we work with:

CONEL (College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London)

CONEL is currently ABTA’s only college Partner. In September 2014 CONEL introduced the first Career Academy for Level 3 Travel and Tourism Learners on two-year programmes. A number of Members are already involved in this programme and able to offer mentorship opportunities or short 2-4 week placements for Career Academy students. The Career Academy is looking for Members interested in mentoring or offering placements. If you are interested please contact Deborah Abrey on Dabrey@conel.ac.uk.

JournE Training

Offering an apprenticeship is another cost-effective way to attract young people to your business. There is often funding available for companies taking on apprentices. ABTA Partner JournE Training offer a range of NVQ & Apprenticeships geared towards the travel industry through the various training partners/colleges they are in partnership with, these are delivered by a team of experienced travel industry professionals.

JournE Training also provides training on Customer Centricity, Top Seller, Telephone Skills, Train the Trainer & Team Leader/Management which range from a half day to two-day courses.

If you would like to find out more about working with JournE training contact Tracey Knott on traceyknott@journe.co.uk.