Travel Law Today - Autumn 2018

Travel Law Today - Autumn 2018

The introduction of new regulations in the first half of 2018 required travel companies to reassess their businesses and, in some cases, radically change business models. As those regulations bed in, this edition of Travel Law Today reviews some of the areas that are still causing confusion and concern.

While the Government has issued guidance on the new Package Travel Regulations this has not perhaps provided the clarity that many had wished and until such time as the courts have had their say on the precise meaning of the Regulations, it is up to the industry and the regulators to come to an understanding on how some of the Regulations should be implemented.

In other areas – GDPR and passenger rights, the regulators and the courts have provided more clarity, which should help businesses understand their responsibilities.

With Brexit approaching, it is important that businesses seek clarity where it exists and we are extremely grateful to the ABTA Partners who have contributed to this edition for giving their expert opinions on issues arising in a fast-changing travel environment.

I hope that these articles and the ABTA Conferences and Events programme will be a valuable part of your business planning at this critical time.