Holidays that don’t cost the earth

easyJet holidays’ commitment to sustainable travel is led by its vision for “a world where travel makes a positive impact on the environment and local communities”. The tour operator is focusing on three main areas to guide its activities over the next five years.

  • Create better holiday choices: easyJet holidays is committed to making sustainable travel affordable and accessible to everyone by  working to ensure all of its holidays directly support sustainable practices.
  • Keep our holidays special: the operator plans to maximise the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of travel and tourism by encouraging all of its partner hotels to achieve an internationally-recognised sustainability certification and by supporting locally owned businesses and activities.
  • Transform travel for everyone: to drive meaningful change in the industry, easyJet holidays is embedding sustainability into the fabric of its business culture and all of its decisions. 

In addition to delivering holidays that are packed with positive impact, easyJet holidays is also offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the fuel from flights and transfers, as well as the energy used from hotel stays, and was the first major UK tour operator to do so.

To find out more about easyJet holidays’ sustainability plans, visit its sustainability hub.