26 Apr

Team Tours Direct Ltd ceases trading – advice for customers

Information for customers with a booking with Team Tours Direct Ltd.

ABTA – Y1491

We are sorry to inform you that Team Tours Direct Ltd has ceased trading with effect from 26 April 2021.

The information below sets out specific advice for customers to follow depending on the holiday and travel arrangements you have booked. 

The travel arrangements booked by Team Tours Direct Ltd were non-flight packages. 


Non-flight packages 

If you booked a non-flight package holiday (for example, a holiday including accommodation and tickets) through Team Tours Direct Ltd, these are protected by ABTA or by your credit or debit card issuer.

If you paid Team Tours Direct Ltd directly using a Debit or Credit Card you will need to submit your claim for a refund to your card issuer in the first instance. To assist you in making your claim you will need to download a letter.  

Customers that paid Team Tours Direct Ltd by any other method will need to submit a claim to ABTA by clicking here.

If you were part of a group booking, one claim per group booking should be submitted by the lead name only.

Please have your documents to hand when submitting your claim and remember to include your bank details so we're able to refund you. Please note we are unable to make refund payments to credit card accounts, please use current accounts only.

Customers that have booked a package holiday provided by Team Tours Direct Ltd through a travel agent should contact the travel agent in the first instance for further advice and assistance as they may have made alternative arrangements for you.


Further information

Customers requiring further assistance can contact 020 3758 8730 or email claimsrequest@abta.co.uk.  Please note that we will answer calls as quickly as possible but call waiting times may be significant during the current crisis. 

Please only call us if you have already followed all the advice above.