20 Jul

Snowchateaux Limited ceases trading – advice for customers

ABTA Y6154

We are sorry to inform you that Snowchateaux Limited has ceased trading on 20 July 2020.

Snowchateaux Limited sold accommodation only, these sales were not financially protected.

If you booked your holiday through a travel agent and not directly with Snowchateaux Limited please contact your travel agent in the first instance.

Your travel agent will be able to provide assistance to you and they may have made alternative arrangements for you.

Customers that made payment directly to Snowchateaux Limited using a credit card or debit card may be able to make a claim to their card issuer, please download a letter from the links below to submit to your card issuer.

Customers that paid Snowchateaux Limited by any other method will need to submit a claim to:

Lloyd Hinton
Allan House
10 John Princes Street
020 7495 2348
Email: lloydhinton@insolveplus.com

Customers requiring further assistance can contact snowchateux@claims.abta.co.uk or 020 3758 8739.

Please note that we will answer calls as quickly as possible but call waiting times may be significant during the current crisis. Please only call if you have already followed all the advice issued above.

How long will it take to process my claim?

Unfortunately there has been a large number of company failures recently and we have received an exceptionally high number of customer claims. We are processing individual claims as quickly as possible, and have employed additional personnel to help with this. 

Please be aware that we are currently estimating that claims can take up to six months to be processed – this is not usually the case, it is simply down to the volume of claims that have been submitted. 

When you submit your claim, please ensure you send through all the paperwork, receipts and any other documentation that supports your claim. This will mean we won’t have to contact you for further information, which takes additional time. 

Once you’ve submitted your claim, we would kindly ask that only essential additional communications are made to us in regard to your claim. We are receiving many hundreds of emails and calls each week with general enquiries and this severely impacts the time it takes to process claims and may lead to longer processing times.