08 Jun

Join ABTA at its millennials event

Millennials are reshaping the travel industry. They are the largest generation and have an affinity for travelling the world*. It is vital that travel organisations are reaching and connecting with an audience who are defining the future of travel. 

According to GfK, millennials can be characterised in the following ways: ‘no world wars’, ‘global economy’, ‘grew up with the internet’, ‘end game orientated’, ‘personalised’, ‘married later in life’ and ‘getting wealthier’. 

They can then be categorised further by their age groups. ‘selfies’ are categorised as aged 15-24 and the ‘mature’ millennial is aged 25-35. Their diversity demonstrates the importance of understanding this complex generation. 

By understanding the millennial you are trying to reach, you can target and tailor your products and services. 

Why you can't ignore the millennial market:  

  • Size – this 18-34 year old demographic are one of the largest in history, even taking over baby boomers
  • Spend – they are entering their prime spending years, choosing to travel before buying a house or getting married
  • Behaviours – over half of UK millennials would rather spend money on an experience versus a possession. [Inkling, 2015]
  • Reach – this digital generation is disrupting traditional models of travel, sharing experiences on social media and consulting peers and blogs before they book.

To help Members better understand the needs of this group, ABTA, supported by Media Partner TTG Media, is running a Millennial Market in Travel conference on 22 June in London.

This event will explore exactly who the millennial traveller is and the most effective ways to reach them. It will look at their buying habits as well as how to use social media campaigns, personalise content and engage with travel bloggers to reach them. 

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* YouGov 2017
* GfK Millennials – Driving Change in the holiday Market June 7 2017 
Bradley Taylor, UK Head of Brand and Customer Experience, GfK