17 Nov

Getaways to get away: people will turn to their holidays for some much-needed escapism in 2023

People are determined to travel for some much-needed escapism from the realities of everyday life. That’s according to ABTA’s new report – Travel in 2023.

The report reveals the biggest travel trends for the year ahead and is based on new consumer research and insight from ABTA Members. With almost a third (29%) of people saying they have already booked a package holiday abroad for the next 12 months1, ABTA says that many will be setting off on a ‘getaway to get away’ next year to distance themselves from the challenges of everyday life back home. 

The mental health benefits of taking a break could explain why they remain a spending priority for the year ahead: 93% of people say being on holiday improves their wellbeing and mental health, with two-thirds (65%) putting this down to the chance to escape from the stresses of life2

Hibernation holidays are also expected to be popular in the months ahead, with two in five (42%) people planning to take a winter holiday and 22% of them seeking out some winter sun3. This is reflected in booking trends from ABTA Members, which show a rise in popularity for longer stays of 21, or even 28 nights, to more temperate climates in Europe like the Canary Islands, Portugal and Malta, or long-haul destinations like Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Florida.

Further trends for next year include high demand for all-inclusive holidays to help people balance their budgets - 29% of people are planning to take an all-inclusive holiday next year to help them manage their finances4. Many ABTA Members are already seeing an increase in bookings for all-inclusive breaks in 2023, with popular destinations including the Canary Islands, the Balearics and Turkey.

Being an early bird by booking in advance is also emerging as a trend as committed holidaymakers are keen to get their holiday pinned down. ABTA Members are reporting strong forward bookings for 2023 and ABTA’s consumer research finds that securing good value for money is a significant motivating factor for these early bookers, as around a third (31%) of people say they plan to book earlier than normal to get the best price for their holiday5. However, some people will wait to see the impact that the rising cost of living has on their finances before committing to a holiday.

Graeme Buck, Director of Communications at ABTA – The Travel Association said:

“ABTA’s research and booking trends from our Members show people absolutely have the travel bug for next year, with many getting on the front foot with their plans already. Of course, there’s also a lot of careful consideration going into people’s spending plans at the moment, so we’re seeing many turning to trusted travel companies to make sure they’ve found a good price for their holiday." 

ABTA’s six travel trends for 2023 are:

  1. All hail the all-inclusive – all-inclusive holidays will be the go-to option to help people control their travel spend and take that sacrosanct holiday next year.
  2. Hibernation holidays – extended winter breaks are proving popular for the months ahead, as people look to swap the cold, damp days of the UK for warmer, sunnier locations.
  3. Getaways to get away – people will turn to their holidays for some much-needed escapism from everyday life in 2023, with familiar destinations proving particularly popular.
  4. Early birds in action – people will book even earlier than normal to lock in a good price for their holiday next year. 
  5. Conscientious customers – an even more conscientious approach to holiday planning than before the pandemic will lead to a rise in bookings with trusted travel professionals.
  6. A new dawn for rail and sail – a recent rail revival in Europe and a rise in no-fly cruises will allow people to enjoy the journey as much as their destination in 2023.

Full details of the trends can be found in the Travel in 2023 report at www.abta.com/travelin2023.  

The report was researched and prepared ahead of the Government announcing the detail of its 17 November Autumn Statement. 


Notes to editors
1, 2, 4 & 5) ABTA consumer sentiment research conducted by The Nursery Research and Planning (www.the-nursery.net/) in October 2022, with a nationally representative sample of 500 consumers.
3) ABTA’s Holiday Habits research for 2022, conducted in the last two weeks of August 2022 by The Nursery Research and Planning (www.the-nursery.net/) with a nationally representative sample of 2,000 consumers.

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