12 Jun

Ask the expert - we put your important questions to our Senior Financial Protection Manager, Lisa Kingman

Lisa explains how to arrange financial protection for non-ATOL sales through ABTA bonding.

Each month, we pose your most pertinent questions to one of our ABTA experts. This month we asked ABTA Senior Financial Protection Manager, Lisa Kingman, “I want to arrange financial protection for my non-ATOL sales through ABTA bonding. How do I do that?” and here’s what she told us:

ABTA members can financially protect their non-ATOL sales as principal in any one of the following three ways:

  • Bond through an Approved Body (which ABTA are)
  • Financial Failure Insurance (FFI)
  • Trust account

When it comes to bonding through ABTA, the Financial Protection team are on hand to take you through the process of bonding and answer any questions you may have along the way.

In order for us to calculate the bond requirement, we will ask you to complete the bond application forms. The information requested in the forms includes monthly turnover projections, your deposit and final balance collection policy and your projections of customer money collected in each month for bookings not yet completed.

With this information, we will calculate your bonding options. The options will be emailed to you and will be presented alongside a shortfall contribution payable in respect of each option. This allows you the opportunity to decide which bond option works best for your business.

Once you have received the options from us, we recommend you contact one of ABTA’s approved bond providers. A full list of approved providers can be found at the link below. Here you will also find a list of brokers that will be able to assist you with arranging the bond.

Approved bond and insurance providers | ABTA

We are always open to considering new financial protection providers. If your preferred bond provider doesn’t appear on our list, please ask them to email financialprotection@abta.co.uk so that we can consider adding them to our approved provider list.

It’s important to note that bond amounts can be split and provided from more than one provider. For example, if a provider is unable to provide the bond at the full amount required, you can arrange for the remainder to be provided by one or more other approved bond providers.

Please keep us updated throughout the process and do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or have any questions. Each member has a designated contact in the Financial Protection team, but if you’re not sure who that is, please contact financialprotection@abta.co.uk and one of us will be in touch.

Lisa Kingman | Senior Financial Protection Manager