Company overview

Founded by industry leaders, TerraVerde is a sustainability consultancy dedicated to the travel and tourism sectors.

With practical, business friendly advice, we support our clients at every point of their sustainability journey; helping them to promote environmental protection and future-proof their operations.

Accurately measuring our clients’ businesses, travel products and events using GHG Protocol Corporate methodologies, we produce comprehensive environmental impact reports. These form the foundation of robust and meaningful sustainability roadmaps. 

Our team accelerates progress further with ambition setting workshops and training sessions, to engage and motivate staff and stakeholders. Using tools and templates to analyse supply chains, enabling informed decision-making at every step.

Once a reduction plan is in place, we advise on the best methods for mitigating any remaining emissions with quality offsets, carbon removal projects or by investments in sustainable aviation fuels and other climate technologies.

Driven by our passion for travel and a deep appreciation of the benefits it can bring to people and places around the world, we support travel companies on their journey to net-zero. Helping them develop robust strategies to reduce carbon and waste whilst controlling consumption and costs. 

Our mission is to ensure that the industry we love thrives, whilst minimising the impact on the natural resources on which we all depend.

  • Operational services
  • Sustainability