Travel Law Today – Spring 2020

Travel Law Today - Spring 2020
Travel Law Today – Spring 2020

As 2019 ended we were leaving behind the most dramatic event to hit the travel industry for decades – the failure of Thomas Cook. If we had foreseen what was to come, what would we have done differently?

In reality, there was probably little that anyone could have changed by the time the gravity of the Covid-19 pandemic became clear. Many of the difficulties that travel companies have faced have been as a result of the regulatory and contractual frameworks that have been in place for good reason for many years.

One lesson that we might learn is to look more closely at those regulations and contractual relationships with partners to understand and manage risks more fully.

In this edition of Travel Law Today, ABTA Partners explain some of the risks that have come to the fore this year to help us plan for the future.

Simon Bunce, Director of Legal Affairs, ABTA