Travel Law Today – Spring 2019

Travel Law Today - Spring 2019 cover

As businesses get used to dealing with regulations affecting travel services that came into effect in 2018, this edition of Travel Law Today tries to offer clarity where the regulations themselves can be seriously opaque.

The use of terms such as ‘carriage of passengers’ and ‘unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances’ challenge preconceptions that have arisen over the years. Controls over the use of data outside the UK can cause problems for travel companies which are reliant upon international suppliers.

At the same time, we shouldn’t forget more established principles that underpin the travel sector such as contractual terms and the status of agents.

Rights under the Equality Act place further responsibilities on all companies to act fairly both in relation to their staff and their customers.

As uncertainty about Brexit continues, businesses must seek clarity where it exists, and we are extremely grateful to the ABTA Partners who have contributed to this edition giving their expert opinions on issues arising in a fast-changing travel environment.

In this issue:

  • Tricky definitions in the PTRs – is all transport the ‘carriage of passengers’? 2
  • ATOL: procuring and facilitating 4
  • Linked Travel Arrangements – a potential minefield? 6
  • What are unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances under PTRs? 8
  • The Equality Act – your responsibility for customers 10
  • Extending discrimination protection 12
  • VAT, TOMS and Agents 14
  • How are your overseas suppliers handling your customers’ data? 16
  • Businesses must be alert to potentially misleading sales practices and unfair terms 18
  • Brexit – trick or treat on Halloween? 20
  • Upcoming ABTA conferences and events 22