Travel Law Today - Spring 2018

Travel Law Today cover

Welcome to this fifth edition of Travel Law Today, which arrives in the middle of 2018, a year that brings more regulatory change for travel companies than we have seen for decades. 

We have already been faced with the restrictions on payment card charges, which pose basic questions, particularly for travel agency business finances; the new data protection rules are just taking effect; and the implementation of new package travel and ATOL regulations is just a few weeks away.

We appear to have been given some breathing space until the end of 2020 as far as the full impact of Brexit is concerned but that simply buys some time to try to plan for a life outside the EU. Fundamental questions still need to be answered concerning VAT and employment rights, which remain real concerns for businesses in travel. 

It is more important than ever to understand the challenges that lie ahead and, once again, we are extremely grateful to the ABTA Partners who have contributed to this edition tackling those challenges and I hope that these articles and the ABTA Conferences and Events programme will be a valuable part of your business planning.