Travel Law Today - Spring 2017

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Travel Law Today - Spring 2017

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Travel Law Today, published on the occasion of the 19th annual ABTA Travel Law Seminar.

With the country heading out of the EU following the triggering of Article 50 in March and the introduction of the new Package Travel Regulations looming, it is more important than ever to keep on top of the changing legislative environment.

While Brexit holds out the prospect of greater UK control over the laws that affect travel, it is by no means certain how far that control will extend or how future UK Governments will use it to improve the regulations that travel companies have to work with. All travel companies should therefore prepare for the new package travel regulations, general data protection regulations and other legislation with an eye to being flexible in future.

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, customers will always provide new challenges for travel companies to respond to. When dealing with an ageing customer base that will continue to enjoy travelling and seeking new experiences, businesses must understand their responsibilities for delivering accessible travel services. And when dealing with customers who appear increasingly litigious or unreasonable, businesses must understand how best to defend themselves. Travel companies and those advising them need to be more adaptable and more creative than ever.

Once again, we are extremely grateful to the ABTA Partners who have contributed to this edition and I hope that these articles and the ABTA Conferences and Events programme will be a valuable part of your preparations for some interesting times ahead.

In this issue

  • Brexit impact 
    Find out about the new Government White Paper that paves the way for Brexit 4
  • 21st century customer
    Issues explored: the rise of gastric illness claims; disabled travellers, and FCO advice 5
  • International sanctions
    Make sure you avoid penalties by getting to know the ins and outs of global trade 8
  • Data protection
    Ensure you have the right data marketing consents in place. There’s a new law coming 10
  • Package Travel Regulations
    How will the changes affect you? 11