Travel Law Today – Autumn 2020

Travel Law Today
Travel Law Today – Autumn 2020

Since the last edition of Travel Law Today, we have suffered the most difficult six months that the travel industry has ever faced.

Two issues have really come to the fore:

  1. Where does the money sit in the travel supply chain when the world stops travelling?
  2. What is the role of government travel advice when the problem being advised against exists at home as well as abroad?

In this edition of Travel Law Today, ABTA Partners explain the law behind these issues.

We also look at areas you need to address to protect your customers, your staff and your business as the economy opens up and people return to the office and want to travel again.

Through all the problems that this period has thrown up ABTA Partners have been ready and willing to help and I am very grateful for the support they have given ABTA and its Members through such a difficult time.

Simon Bunce, ABTA – Director of Legal Affairs

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