Travel Law Today - Autumn 2017

Travel Law Today cover
Travel Law Today - Autumn 2017

Welcome to this 4th edition of Travel Law Today which arrives as ABTA Members are getting ready for the major legislative changes that are coming up in 2018.

New Package Travel Regulations, data protection rules and restrictions on credit card charges pose challenges that must be addressed now if companies are to be able to trade confidently.

What Brexit means for staff in the UK remains unclear. But is there reason to be positive about the recent developments in gastric illness claims? 

Once again, we are extremely grateful to the ABTA Partners who have contributed to this edition. I hope the following articles tackle the current issues and that the ABTA Conferences and Events programme will be a valuable part of your preparations for what promises to be a busy year ahead.

In this issue

  • Change is on the cards 2
  • T&Cs for reluctant organisers 3
  • It’s a package but… 4
  • Force majeure 5
  • Stuck in bad weather 6 
  • Using contracts to protect your data 7
  • Sending data overseas 8
  • Protecting against cyber threats 9
  • Employment law today 10 
  • Gastric Illness 11